AAR is interested in collecting data from commercial and residential sites in the Northern Virginia area that are experiencing paranormal occurrences.

Homeowners and business owners who have an interest in participating in this study are asked to record events through an easy to use online private log. Information in the log will focus on the date, time, and a description of the paranormal event. All recorded information will be kept confidential, but general analysis of the data will be shared with other researchers in an effort to better understand the phenomenon.

Map of Northern Virginia


Moon Phases

One goal of this research program is to determine if environmental factors (weather, lunar or solar activity) are related to an increase in the alleged paranormal events at these locations. Another goal is to determine if paranormal activity at one location occurs at other locations on similar dates and times.


My home has a history of paranormal events, but it is not threatening or negative. Would our location be of interest to your research?

Yes! Although “supernatural” activity can be unexpected and startling, it rarely resembles what is portrayed on television or in the movies. Footsteps walking down an empty hallway, doors opening or closing, or voices from an unknown source have been reported at locations claiming to exhibit unusual phenomena. When collecting data from a site with purported activity, AAR will attempt to rule out natural or misidentified causes before focusing research on a particular location.

Our workplace has paranormal activity, but we do not wish to publicize it - it would be bad for business. How can we participate without sharing too much information?

The online log is private and only AAR and the participant have access to it. All reports are kept confidential and will not be disclosed publicly without the consent of the participants. Any audio data that is captured during an investigation may be shared privately with other researchers, but information regarding specifics on the location will be withheld. This sharing of data will aid in the development of better research tools.

How will this data be used?

Information gathered through the site log and during investigations will be used to help develop a better understanding of the phenomena. Insightful data will contribute to the discovery of new tools and ideas that may provide new answers invaluable to science.

If paranormal or supernatural activity actually occurs, where is the evidence and why doesn’t mainstream science study it?

We use terms like “paranormal” and “supernatural” to describe unusual phenomena that we have a difficult time categorizing. Despite the fact that these events do take place, they are often stigmatized and considered taboo by both the general public and mainstream science. This is not surprising, since throughout history many topics and ideas were once held in similar regard. Every year we discover new tools and technology that will help us to better understand the fascinating world around us.


In addition to the private log, AAR is also interested in capturing auditory data at sites frequented with anomalous activity. Digital recording equipment is utilized in the hopes of capturing data that can substantiate claims of paranormal activity. Commercial or residential sites can be monitored overnight, or over a weekend (Friday night to Sunday afternoon). Sites must remain completely empty for the duration of the recording to avoid any noise contamination issues. THERE IS NO COST FOR THIS INVESTIGATION. Any evidence caught during the investigation will be shared with the client, and clients receive a digital copy of the evidence free of charge. Clients will be asked to sign a waiver of liability prior to the investigation.

Multiple Microphones


Headphones Recommended

Possible EVP of an elderly woman.

When this audio file was captured on a handheld Zoom H4N Pro digital recorder, an elderly woman's voice can be heard mumbling two words. The elderly woman's voice was not captured on a GoPro camera that recorded the same event. For context, the researcher walked to the far side of a historical site and was alone in a room when the audio was captured. The two words can be heard at the 5 or 6 second mark.

Cropped version focused on the two words mumbled by what sounds like an elderly woman.

This file focuses on the two words mumbled by what sounds like an elderly woman. The two words being spoken have not been identified.

Dark room

Antique Radio plays without power.

Antique Radio

Music can be heard playing faintly from the antique radio in a Victorian bedroom of a historical site. The music begins playing around 19 seconds into the audio clip, then fades out. Traffic noises can be heard in the background, as the music fades away. Around 1 minute 21 seconds, a performer is heard whistling a lively tune which seems to blend into the traffic noises outside before fading out completely.

Possible EVP.

Microphones were placed in a Victorian parlor of a historical site during an overnight investigation. At the six second mark of this audio recording, there appears to be a voice whispering 'Hey.' This same phrase has been caught by another researcher on a previous investigation.

Single Microphone
Hand behind frosted glass

Who or What is causing the noises in an empty home or business? When do these events take place? How does something non-physical interact with the physical matter in our environment? Before any conclusions can be made regarding the cause or nature of a particular event, data must be recorded. Anomalous events do not occur upon demand, and are very seldom repeatable or predictable. Residents of locations where these events occur provide the best opportunity for gathering data on a consistent and long term basis. From this information, patterns can be observed. Hypothesis’ (educated guesses) can be created and tests can be performed. True research starts with observation and recording the data. Rather than fear the unexplained, please consider partnering with AAR. Together, we can better understand the nature of this phenomenon.

If you are living with paranormal activity in your home or workplace and would like to participate in this research project, please contact AAR today. Your personal information will be kept strictly confidential and will not be disclosed.


Close Shot of a Microphone